Introduction: Lemon for skin

 Continue reading to find out whether lemon is good for skin or not. Do not worry we got you covered.

lemon for skin
Drink lemon water for good skin.

Advantages Of Lemon For Skin When Applied:

Lemon has many benefits when it is applied on skin.

  • Lemon Contain Vitamin C
  • Antifungal Properties
  • Vanished Acne Scars
  • Evens Out Skin tone
  • Prevents Oil Formation

Lemon Contains Vitamin C:

We know that Lemon contains vitamin C and it is beneficial for body and even for skin. Using direct lemon for skin helps in preventing skin damage and premature aging signs such as wrinkles. Vitamin C acts as an anti-oxidant.

You may or may not know that Lemon juice is known for astringent properties. Lemon has high pH level and applying lemon juice reduces inflammation and prevents oil formation.

Antifungal Properties:

Lemon has antifungal properties that removes the fungus from skin. Mainly it works for all the parts of body.

Removes Acne Scars:

Lemon helps to remove the acne scars on face it is due to presence of acids. Moreover it helps to remove the spots and lightens the skin naturally.

lemon for skin

Disadvantages of using lemon juice directly on face:

There is no doubt that lemon has really good effects on skin but it might be harsh on skin and it can cause serious skin damage.

  • skin irritation
  • sunburn
  • alleviation of dandruff
  • Increases effects of Psoriasis
  • Causes vitiligo

Excessive use of lemon juice on skin might cause vitiligo which is formation of white patches on skin.  Just to be on the safer side we must use Lemon with anything that is good for skin and doesn’t have severe effects. Moreover, Lemon and honey mixture applied on face makes skin radiant and clear.

In the conclusion:

Beware of using lemon juice directly on face but it works fine for other parts of body. Always use the amounts of lemon juice depending upon the skin type. lemon juice has different effects on different skin types. However, using lemon for skin may or may have side effects.

In the end, Consulting your dermatologist before applying anything would always be a great idea.

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