What It Is Like Having A Skin Type:

Our skin is the largest body organ and everyone has different skin types. The function of skin is to protect against harmful ultraviolet radiations of sun, micro organisms and all the dirt particles in outer environment. It acts as a barrier against germs and bacteria entering our body. Moreover, skin is sensitive to pain, touch, cold and warmth. It is the protection shield for sensitive inner organs and we need to take care of our skin. However, In order to take care of skin we need to know our skin type first.

skin type

Different Skin Types:

There are mainly 5 different skin types, all of then are listed below;

  • Normal Skin
  • Dry Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Combination Skin
  • Sensitive Skin

Normal Skin Type :

First and foremost is the Normal skin type and it is neither oily or dry. It remains mostly unreactive to any kind of product. It is easy to maintain. Let’s talk about it later.

Dry Skin Type:

Then comes the dry skin type. Dry skin becomes flakey due to dryness. Keep it skin highly moisturized.

Oily Skin Type:

Our skin is oily because Sebaceous glands release oils on our skin due to which it becomes oily. Avoid using a lot of oil based moisturizers and make-up products.

Combination Skin Type:

It is a mixture of both oily and dry skin type. It is a skin type in which the T-zone is oily and cheek part is dry .It is because of the changing weather conditions. gentle cleansers and changing skin care regime might help.

Sensitive Skin Type:

Sensitive skin is the most reactive skin type and this of skin type reacts with different products. Be careful while using the products and you might end up getting rashes. However, People with sensitive skin should not use any product without testing.

oily skin types
oily skin types

In My Opinion

First and foremost, Do not forget to use sunscreen and get to know about your skin. Skin may or may not react to some of the products. We should strictly avoid using products that are harmful and secondly, we should not blindly trust anyone for the recommendation of different skin products. Lastly, we urge you to deeply study your skin type and then use products according to the prescription of the dermatologist.